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loogslair.com He's a little obsessed with this werewolf thing, isn't he?

Loogaroo's Short Stories

Wanna see what I've put on paper? (Well, at least in the Microsoft Word sense.) Here's your chance to sample my writing.

Please bear in mind: I write almost exclusively about werewolves. In fact, at this time, all of my writing stems from a particular anthology I've been working on entitled Dreamless Sleep. In this anthology, werewolves live in secret among regular humans in the world, and the stories I've written depict their interactions with each other and normal people. If you like the way the series is going and would like to contribute, you're just in time: I've started a writing contest for others to write stories set in the same universe.

Anyway, here are the stories:

    KI'RATH - Guardian of the Ceremony - A young man's journey throughout the universe to fight evil begins here.

    A DREAMLESS SLEEP - The opening story of the series. A woman learns to cope with her new condition, along with the man who bit her.

    THE TREEHOUSE - A young werewolf spends his last night with his best friend before he moves to the big city, unsure of what the future lays in store for them.

    CLOSED SET - Before the lycanthropic population of the world reveals itself, their spokesperson prepares a television address to explain themselves to the rest of the country.

    TOMORROW NIGHT - A high school student, bitten only two months ago, looks for a way out of his newly acquired condition.

    If you'd like to send me feedback, feel free to E-mail me using the link on the left.